Lauren McEwen


While living in bustling New York City throughout my 20s, I needed respite from the fast paced and busy lifestyle that I was leading. The universe (or maybe it was the cold?) led me to the hot room at Modo Yoga in Brooklyn. The studio became my sanctuary and the practice became my saving grace. Slowly, my focus, and in effect, my life, began to shift until a desire welled within me to share this inspiring practice with other individuals looking for the mind, body and soul healing that it offers.

Jump ahead to the fall of 2017, and I was eagerly entering into the transformational Modo Yoga teacher training in Seattle where I learned the ins and outs of each posture’s physical, emotional and mental benefits. Shortly thereafter, I relocated to California where I’ve found my sangha and my new haven at Modo Yoga San Diego. My goal is to create a space where all people feel welcome, peaceful and perfect – because we all are just that.